LiftXpress 2.0


Our enhanced destination hall call system also has an upgrade on the hardware side: The LXP-2030 convinces with its user-friendly guidance and timeless design. Through the allocation of lifts waiting and travel times are minimised, which increases user comfort. All destination call components communicate via CANopen, providing an integrated, installation-friendly solution. The landing flag complements the destination call system with an attractive, modern elevator display.


  • 10.1" capacitive touchscreen
  • Visual call acknowledgement
  • Optical assignment of the lift for group controls
  • Guidance on walking direction after calling
  • Call button with acoustic call acknowledgement and extended "door open" time for people with disabilities
  • Energy-saving mode (near-field monitoring via infrared sensor)
  • Parameterization access via service flap e.g. CAN ID, termination
  • Micro-SD card slot to change the user interface


  • LXP-2030
  • Wall mount (tiltable)
  • "Blade Design" stand (optional)
  • Landing Flag (optional)
DescriptionDimensions (WxHxD)Compatibility
LXP-2030 destination call terminal262 x 230 x 23 mmMPK411
Wall mount (tiltable)108 x 44 x Ø 215 mm
Stand “Blade Design” (optional)120 x 1070 x 230 mm
Identification display landing flag (optional)34 x 201 x 164 mmMPK411